My premium card has still not been delivered

I ordered my card on the 2nd of April.

After being impressed by the service offering presented by Revolut, i decided to head straight into Premium and move some money over.

I am currently away for business and as such could really do with the currency service as my regular bank has been charging me a fortune on Forex charges.

I have not received my first card.
Spoke to support, was advised to order a second.
Did not receive either.
Support asked me to cancel one of the cards and order another.
Did this and still nether card has a tracking number.
Support then told me that there was maybe something wrong with my address.
I am in St Barths, I ship items from all over Europe to this address without a snag or a problem.

I am now sitting with money in my Eur account that i dont want to transfer around again but cannot use.


If your agent/carrier cant do the job, neither can you! This is seriously disappointing!



Hi Kyle. Really sorry to hear that.

As I can see you have terminated that card and ordered a new one yesterday. I can see that you have ordered this card to Gustavia, St Barthelemy. Is this correct?

Hi Andreas

Yes, i sent the last one there after support advised that it was perhaps a problem with my residential address.