My premium card has NOT BEEN POSTED [...] » Arrived


If you need a full-time travel assistant, take me with you hahaha :sunglasses:
Hope you enjoy your holidays :smile:


Really :r: ? :frowning:️:unamused:

This one was ordered 3 days after I’ve ordered the premium one :man_facepalming:

So. The email I’ve got today that something is being sent from London is the premium one… sent a week after. :cry:

I’m going to cry.

Tho dhl was very fast even if the expected delivery was tomorrow because I had to change the address (oh, guess why :joy: ).

So the problem is not yet fixed. I’m waiting for the black one :joy:


Do they ship with DHL? I thought FedEx

My regular Visa is also on the way the premium not, maybe I have to wait for some more days

RITA says it can take up to 9 working days so I have to wait a bit longer before check Support


I also had fedex delivery, but that’s in Europe. Maybe it depends on the destination.

For the premium card, I think they have delays with them… hence the blue one arriving first.


Yeah both are DHL.

Was fast. Warsaw-Leipzig-HongKong-Manila. Two days in transit.
But… was not the premium one :sob: and in the app wasn’t showing this one was sent.

(Inside the DHL was another white normal envelope with the address, but Albania instead Philippines :joy: )

No basically now I have to wait the DHL SMS again with the management link to be able to change the address without to contact them :))


Yes but my card is also shipped with DHL this time in Europe, maybe they changed to DHL


Good. DHL is worldwide leader. Took 50h since it was picked up till it was in my hands. (And could be earlier, but took 6h the traffic in Manila :joy: that’s triple the time the card made from Hong Kong to Manila :joy:)

Now let’s see. I hope the one from London goes directly to Hk and not via Leipzig again (Tho, that’s the DHL hub for Europe :frowning: )

Let’s hope for Friday. A week delayed…
(Send me a beer too for this, because that’s the premium one! Leffe is good )


@AndreasK I’ve replied in a message to you. Please have a look because that’s a pretty big problem :joy:



Does the card (black/silver) still have the prepaid logo at the back of the card?


I’ll tell you after I’ll have it… if I’ll have it :man_facepalming:
I codulbt change the address in DHL and surprise! They’ll need my Passport and sign :man_facepalming:


Why wouldn’t it? I believe it’s mandatory to print the card type onto the card.


Well… not mandatory.

For example I have MasterCard with the World hologram and BIN of credit card, embossed without any “debit” inscription on it tho is a debit card :))


Depends on country and date of issuance I guess. As far as I know it is mandatory under the credit card company’s licensing terms and EU regulation since merchants can decide which cards they want to accept. Credit, debit, prepaid and business needs to be printed on the card, since business cards have usually higher merchant fees. I’ve got a debit card that identifies as a credit card as well but that was issued years ago.


I understand, but I mean the card already have the Debit, but wanted to know if the prepaid is still on the new black ones


Jut asked my bank on twitter about a week ago because I have to renew it in summer. Still the same :smiley:

More than this. MasterCard Gold part of Premium MasterCard line (also embossed, World Logo, Credit BIN, debit card) for 35€ :joy:

Banca Transilvania. Romania :slight_smile:

The free one which I have it now is called MasterCard Mondo.

Credit BIN. Embossed. World Hologram. Debit card :slight_smile: for free


Mine has been cancelled should request new one. Think it will be the silver


Mine just arrived in Hong Kong and I didn’t fixed the address.

I wonder why, Gos, my premium card went London>Bristol>East Midlands>Leipzig.

I mean. Why to Bristol?! That’s so… :thinking:


Probably this, @Iskender :wink:


You’re right. Didn’t know. But sill :joy:
East Midlands Airport is the hub for DHL UK. Still weird a bit…

Now let’s hope I’ll sort out this till tomorrow evening. Now I’m gonna sleep, 1am here :slight_smile:

Nite :zzz:


I don’t expect them to change it until they are issuing cards that aren’t set up as prepaid debit cards :wink:

Their physical Visa cards are also labeled prepaid.