My premium card has NOT BEEN POSTED [...] » Arrived


Hey yo.
My beautiful black premium card was ordered on 10
Had to be posted on 11
Estimated arrival was Monday, 15th

As I’ve read here other cards ordered on 10 were already posted on 11 as promised, tho to the wrong address :frowning: what a bad karma…

Tried I contact the support but didn’t had too much luck.

Please pray all! I need it before Tuesday 6pm GMT+8… it’s already 4pm in UK and the card should fly fly fly like Phoenix 10750 km and there’s no direct flight :frowning:

Cmon. I was waiting. Checking the app for tracking number and good news but nothing… now I’m getting a bit :scream: scared and small tears are dropping from my eyes :cry:

(No joking… )
(I’m also overexcited about the revolut Black. I said I won’t upgrade but couldn’t resist. Tho I’d love more a green one)


I ordered mine last weekend, on Thursday when it was 2 days past estimated delivery I spoke to support and was told the silver and the black cards are out of stock until next week. I was told to order a standard or pink as a spare in the interim, that was due for dispatch today and has also missed its target. I don’t hold out hope of getting a physical card at all at this point. This is just added to a quickly growing list of reasons why I don’t think I’ll be adopting Revolut for anything more than the occasional SEPA transfer to Coinbase.


“Around the world in 3 days”
“Elsewhere up to 4 days”

Traveling…? “No problem “

Neither my first standard card did not arrived in time… cmon. I pay for premium more than a MC Gold card and not even the timing can’t be respected…

It has not been posted yet. I’m traveling. That means timing is **very important ** and I won’t be at the current location for long (actually I have to leave on Tuesday)…


If you’re staying at the same hotel (or friend’s or whatever) for a little while and really need a Revolut card, just order a regular blue one at your hotel address, that should work.


The blue one never arrived at home. Re-ordered that one too…
my friend will send the cards to my next destination.
10-15€ loss as a premium customer LOL. :man_facepalming:
And of course, time. Because being premium means you won’t have not even the promised timing…

The cards will be sent tomorrow/ 15. That’s 4 days later than the original day. Hopefully on montay if they won’t find another excuse.

Then. The cards has to travel to Manila. Hopefully won’t get lost.

Maybe it will arrive by Friday.

After this my friend has to send them on next Monday to another island where I’ll be. It will take another minimum 3-5 working days in the best case but most probably over 5.

So. Premium user.
Premium fees (more than a conventional bank for MasterCard Gold with real premium MC perks)
Ordered a card which was supposed to arrive in max 4 working days.

And I’m gonna have the card after 2-4 weeks. Because domestic cargo in Philippines is so slow and it might take even more than a week (plus I’ll be to a “not so popular” island.

Whatever. That’s a BIG DOWNSIDE…


Check the other topic Platinum Metal Card

Unfortunately, the black cards are currently unavailable however this is only temporary. You will be able to order a black premium card again on the 12th Jan.

The cards will start shipping tomorrow. The reason is that Paysafe cards (the black silver ones and blue/purple regular card) will be merged to :r: from January 13 for users that already have the card nothing changes(only agreement)but for the new ones I think it take a bit longer as they are busy with the change. I ordered my new black one 11th and also nothing, but do expect the card next week.


Then why do I was able to order it and why I had an expected arrival time set on Monday?!?

That’s the problem. I’m very fixed to timing. I respect the others time and I expect :r: to do the same.

I’ve booked my flight for Tuesday night after I ordered the card. If they were telling me “expect to arrive on 20 January” then it was ok as I won’t make other plans or I’ll do it differently.

But no. Revolut lies with a fake timing and I have to pay for it. Despite I’m paying for “premium” subscription.


Not that it will change anything to your current problem, but if I were you once this is all over I would contact the support to get a refund - that kind of delay is not acceptable for premium users.


Well, I’ve got a refund for the first card which never arrived.

I’m ok with long waiting time, but TELL ME! So I’ll make my plans also according to that.

That’s the frustrating thing and that’s what makes me angry. I can use my regular bank card, I’m not out of cards. But don’t tell me set to arrive on 15 and luckily maybe it will get posted on that day… especially when comes about sending the cards wherever 10000km away while traveling. Of course I won’t stay weeks in manila, nor somewhere else.

But I don’t like when I’m treated in this way…


Let’s see. If it was about this Monday or some of the next 50 other Mondays this year :joy:


Howdy :r:

It’s 230 :clock230: pm GMT and the card has not been posted yet.

Yeah. I’ve set London time on watch to have an eye on you :roll_eyes:

Keep praying guys :pray: for me pls


My experience is that the day they post the cards I get a confirmation around 17:00 GMT

Maybe this afternoon/evening the cards will be posted


That doesn’t meant we should stop praying :pray:

:slight_smile: I’ve been waiting already 3 times for 5pm working day :joy: I don’t believe that… and in one hour here is already tomorrow, aka I’m kinda in future :slight_smile:

(Well I don’t want to bump support chat or @AndreasK with my problem as I guess won’t help anymore, just decreasing other people with real problems to get support in time -like blocked accounts/ transactions/ etc-. I’m ok with complaining here, trolling a bit, trying to increase my mood and helping others in other topics.)

Meanwhile I’m gonna cook Varza á la Cluj :rofl:


I’ve got an AWB yesterday, seems something is leaving from Warsaw (not sure yet what :joy: ). In the app is not appearing.

Is my card traveling at business class? Just winderig :roll_eyes:

(I was also able to change the address in DHL system… thanks god :joy: )


wow finally some good news!

Let us know how long it takes to reach you in… [somewhere in Asia I’m guessing?]


Yesterday evening it left from Warsaw, in two hours was in Leipzig.
Today at 7am departed from Leipzig, probably to Hong Kong. Seems DHL flights are not appearing on flightradar :))

They said tomorrow should arrive but i had to change the address in DHL system and they added a day more.

So, thursday.

My curiousity is, since in the account isnt appearing anything: which card is coming? The beautiful black or the standard reordered, or both? :)))

Expecting to arrive in San Andreas, no, not in GTA :slight_smile:



I’m more excited than going tomorrow to beach.
Oh sorry. At home is cold as iced hell :joy:


You better enjoy those (holidays?) for the whole :r: community!

Thanks for all the feedback, makes me travel a bit through you (I realise how sad that sounds…)


I do it. But I didn’t want to tell anyone it’s raining due to a low pressure storm :joy: so. No beach till the weekend. Netflix n chill. Blogging. Planning.

But I’m not in a rush. I’ve been traveling for the past 18 months and I’ll continue for one/ two years more. Or who knows :joy:


Living the dream!

You should have an english version of your posts on your website/blog btw :wink: