My position in the queue hasn't moved from the beginning



I installed the Revolut application on the 24th March 2018 and after filling in all the information (including the code received by SMS on my cell phone) the application assigned me a number in the queue. It says “You’re on the list, Nobuka! 477 people ahead of you. 95 people behind you.”.

Those numbers are still the same today, so it looks like there is some problem that prevents me to move forward in the queue.

Just in case it’s relevant, I’m Japanese and I used a Japanese phone number and a Japanese home address.

Could someone help me, please?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @AndreasK , I have seen you have helped others with the same issue. Could you please help me as well?



A queue for a sign-up? Revolut is not available in Japan yet, so I guess this will be the reason your position hasnt changed yet. Nobody’s has.


Then, I don’t understand. According to the website it says that Revolut has landed in Japan, so I guessed it was available.


Can you post the link where you found that? Considering it refers to an early access it might be simply a future announcement.


Hello @Nobu,

I don’t think :r: is available in Japan yet. Maybe you’re in the queue because they haven’t accepted any users yet. I think the page will change to “Revolut has landed in Japan” when they are accepting new users.

Check this example: Revolut lands in the USA!


Hi there. Our services are only available to EEA residents at the moment. However, as we’re working on our global expansion, Japan residents can get early access by registering on our waiting list.


Hello! I am from the US, is Revolut avalible? I’m still on the waiting list at 40000. Thought we landed in US :grin:


Hi, I’ve been stuck in the same place for about a week now. I have signed up with a US address and phone number. Why is this?



Hi Andreas,

I am a US resident currently in the queue for early access to the app. I am moving to the UK in a month and really would like to get Revolut as I will be transferring most of my money to GBP. I have been in exactly the same place in the queue for 3 weeks and if I can’t get the app in time I’m afraid I’ll have to use another option. Is there anything I can do to expedite?