My pockets are missing (solved)

I am not able to see my pockets though the transactions show the transfers made to these pockets. Anyone else is facing similar issue after the recent update???

out of curiosity, Which version are you currently using?

You mean vaults or?


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NO. I meant “Pockets”

What are “Pockets”? Never heard of them.

It’s funny you mention this. I had €19 in a pocket, which I didn’t want to use anymore as the pocket function doesn’t particularly work very well.
Selected to close the pocket. Similar to a Vault, it said that amount will be returned to main balance. But got the red cross and ‘Something went wrong’ message.
The pocket and balance has now vanished into thin air :open_mouth:
Raised with support, this pocket function does seem a little buggy

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It’s a function similar to Vaults but sits on your home screen, and the intention is you sweep a balance in there at a certain date intended to cover your scheduled payments for the month. Maybe it’s not available yet in your region?
You can map scheduled outgoing payments and direct debits from it, and also subscription payments, due on cards.
The problem is the subscription function doesn’t work particularly well and only certain card subscriptions can be added to the pocket. Also if I recall correctly, when a payment is made from a pocket it doesn’t show up in analytics which is why I decided not to use it for now


Glad to update that my pockets are back. It seems that the recent update fixed the bug.

I’m still missing my pocket option - and I’m right up to date. When I contacted support I was told “it’s a known bug and we don’t have a fix yet”

I have the same issue, also same answer from support. However i noticed that bills are still deducted from my pockets. I do have the beta version installed from my play store.

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using Beta also, and today my Pockets went missing, any hints when it can be fixed?

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Mine are showing since this morning :+1:

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