My physical card was succesfully delivered but the app says that I have to wait for my card to get delivered


I have my physical card but I cannot change anything in “Card security” options. It says “All security options will be enabled when your Revolut card is delivered”. However, the card WAS delivered, I have it on my desk. But the app says it’s “Expected in 5 days”. So I cannot use e.g. ATM withdrawals for those 5 days (because I cannot switch “ATM withdrawals” on)?


Thats how I would understand it. Maybe Revolut could do an early activation for you. Not sure if that is possible though.


Hey @Fuxoft :slight_smile:

Absolutely not. You can use the card the very moment you receive it. Just make sure the first transaction is a Chip+PIN transaction and the “card expected in…” and “all security options” messages will go away.

The activation is carried away the moment you make your first Chip+PIN transaction :smile:


I experienced the same issue and just went to ATM and used card successfully which seemed to enable all security functions on card.


You can use the card the very moment you receive it.

OK, great. I was confused because the “ATM withdrawals” option in the app is currently set to “OFF” and greyed out so it cannot be changed.


Excellent, thanks for the clarification.


Just wait until those 5 days pass :slight_smile:


Well, as Juliopp pointed out he apparently does not need to.


I’m with @Juliopp here. I’ve had the same experience, i.e. my card was earlier delivered as the expected date so I went to the next ATM and withdrew some cash. Immediately I received two push notifications. One for the withdrawal and one telling me that my card has been unlocked (can’t remember the exact message)


Can we get this marked as the solution ? :slight_smile: @AndreasK


Not for all of us @henrikbjorn

My ATM withdrawal worked out indeed and did open up the card security features in the app.

However, the card still is not recognized by regular merchants machines. Not by NFC, not by the chip, not by the magnetic strip.

Any ideas how to solve this? I’m in The Netherlands.



Can you now access the “Card security” submenu in the app? Are the payments enabled there?


Hey @Nijenbrinks :slight_smile:

The problem is not related with “activating the card” then, but with the card itself. Confirm what @Fuxoft just suggested and if that’s set correctly get in touch with the in-app support team :wink:


@Fuxoft & @Juliopp : I am able to access the Card Security features in the app; they’re all but one (Location based-security) set to ON. The problem seems to be with the card…