My money stuck in Revolut


I applied for KYC but seems like my EU residence permit has only 2 months(I will renew it after) and this is being a problem. Anyways, I decided to skip the KYC until I renew my residence card and top-up only 250 EUR and I did so but when I want to transfer this money to a IBAN, I get the error which is saying “Your KYC is pending…”

I couldn’t get any answer from Support chat and this is very annoying.
Please remove my KYC application so I can transfer my funds.



Still no reply or whatsoever. I can’t use my funds, this is ridiculous. I’m going to apply for a chargeback at my bank on Monday.


I suggest contact via Twitter…


My problem is fixed by support. Thanks


I am facing same problem please help
I am unable to use my fund