My Missing Transfer

Dear All

I have sent a money transfer from my Revolut card ( based here in Ireland ) to a bank account in Spain on 28 March 2018 but as of yet this money has not been received. BIC and IBAN have all been double checked .What can or should I do at this stage ? Support on the phone app is extremely busy and looking at some of the comments here Im not sure if I will get a response .

Many thanks

From my personal expirience a transfer (even when using the Turbo option) takes about 5 business days to reach the designated account with an international transfer. Keep in mind delays are to be expected around Easter.

Did you pay by card or did make a wire transfer? I’d assume the latter considering you mentioned an IBAN, but please confirm that as well as the currency you sent.

Hi All.

It was a straight Wire Euro - Euro transfer which I thought would have been the same as a SEPA transfer and take no more than 2 business days as per all the banks who offer the same service ? Im surprised its taken this long so far . Ive taken the bank holidays in to consideration and am starting to panic a small bit .

In that case it should have been a regular SEPA transfer, in which case it should have arrived the latest this Tuesday.

Considering you already wrote you checked the bank details for errors I’d say its time for Revolut to start digging :slight_smile:@AndreasK, would you know what might have happened here?

Do you have the bank transfer confirmation?

Hi Andres

I have the confirmation that it was submitted but what I don’t have is a confirmation of execution

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Please delete it form here and send it to me via a DM.

apologies…dm sent

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