My identity hasn't been verified

Hi there,
I am trying to activate my revolut card that I have just received, but it keeps asking me to top up my account with my bank card.
I have already done this the other day, the card is on my name and linked to my account as requested, but my identity hasn’t been verified.
I wasn’t asked for any other type of information and I basically can’t do anything in the app except for topping up, so can you please fix this?
It is getting quite annoying :frowning:

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Are you based in the UK?

What do you mean activate your card? There is nothing to activate, first use of physical card must be with chip and pin and that’s all.

Good point. Is it about account/identity verification or about activation of a card?

Hi Alessandro,
Yes, I am currently based in the UK, even though I am an Italian national.
Does this make any difference?

When I downloaded the app, I was asked to top up the account in order to verify my identity.
Now, if I go on the app and want to activate the card, and link it to that account, I’ve been asked to top up again, which to me does not make sense as I have already done it!
I’ve contacted support but they are literally ignoring me.

Is your account also registered with a British address? If your issue is about verification you might be able to complete it by doing one top-up with a British debit card. That does not work for all users (the exact rules are only known to Revolut) and does require a debit card issued in the UK.

Hmm, alright, is your account verified at this point or not? You can check that in the profile settings.

Yeah :slight_smile: Revolut is currently not exactly known for its fast support :wink: Did you get past the chatbot with “live agent”?

Maybe @AndreasK or @JessicaZ (I never know who of them is online first :smiley: ) can shed some light

So, magically my profile has been verified, but someone on the chat box is asking for my documents because according to them, it’s still not verified.

Could it be they are asking for a verification of something different? Card, funds?

No, just for the verification of my identity. They’re asking for my passport and a photo of myself, to see if I am really the person I claim to be.

They have my bank account number, now they want my passport and my photo…

Alright, thats getting confusing :slight_smile:

Did you verification work? Is your account verified in the profile settings? If yes, they shouldnt require it anymore. If no, the earlier verification probably failed and they now require the regular one.

I’ve got a notification earlier saying that I was verified. Now I go to my profile and they say they’re reviewing my documents.
It’s getting really confusing! We’ll see if this works, and if it gives me too many problems, I’m simply closing the account! :wink:

Hey there, your account is now fully verified!:tada: