My first time using revolut it will be in Malaysia. Any tips?


Hi everybody.

Malaysia will be the first place where I’ll be using revolut. Are there enough ATM’s there? I remember a few years ago I couldn’t use my card in almost any shop. Has this situation changed? Should I exchange my British pounds in advance or doing it once I’m there is going to be the same (I’m flying next week)

Thank you very much indeed.



Hello @Jorge,

Just to clarify, in the app you cannot exchange other than between these 3 currencies, GBP, USD, EUR, your card will automatically convert your funds to the local currency using our exchange rate.


Thank you, AndreasK.



They have enough ATMs especially in shopping malls, gas stations and airports.
Revoluts work seamlessly, particularly with CIMB’s ATMs.

(It’s my home country so I’ve extensive experience of using Revolut there :slight_smile: )