My Experience With Revolut So Far and why I am cancelling my account


EDIT - I reached out to Revolut via Twitter and managed to get help pretty quickly and get my phone number issue resolved. Whilst I very much appreciate the assistance I would like to add that I shouldn’t have to chase this via Twitter to get things resolved.

I’ve been trying to change my phone number for 3 days now and each time it takes a live agent an average of 2 hours to reply and I simply cannot wait that long so I keep missing the agent.

On top of this I’ve found for transactions (excluding ATM withdrawals of course) I actually get a better deal from Lloyds Bank who don’t charge a transaction fee on foreign transactions and offer the same (and most of the time) a better exchange rate than Revolut.

I tried transferring Money to a friend other who has verified his ID but the app keeps telling me he hasn’t.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the business option but based on the poor Premium offering they’ve introduced I am not terribly optimistic about what that offering will look like and there is the serious reduction of ATM limits. I really don’t see the point in the Revolut card anymore.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe what I’ve experienced isn’t indicative of the service Revolut provide but with more and more users complaining on these boards every day Revolut serious need to up their game and I don’t consider the meagre premium offering to be anywhere close