my device isnt compatible with



It says: “my device isn’t compatible with this version” . Android, ~3 years old device, updated operating system. Do you guys have other version or is just my phone too old for that? : /



Hello @gudo1,

At the moment our app is available for iPhones (iOS 8), iPads or Android (4.2) supported phones with a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches. Is your Android 4.2?


Andreas K.

Unable to install app

Hi Andreas,

In specifications it’s written 3.5 inches, 320 x 480 pixels. 4.1.2 Android. I guess it’s too low. And it says operating system is up to date.
Is there any possibility to register account with PC? I don’t need it in my phone. Just need Revolut account and card.



Unfortunately no, you’ll need a supported mobile device in order to use the card and monitor your account.

Really sorry for any inconvenience but please stay tuned for updates! :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


You can use an Android emulator on your PC. As I have Windows devices only, and Revolut don’t have a Universal Windows Platform app, I am forced to use Bluestacks to run Revolut. It works OK, but is not ideal. Revolut really needs either a proper Web app or a UWP Windows app that would run on all Windows 10 devices, including Surface tablets (very popular), Xbox (very popular), laptops, PCs, Windows Phones and HoloLens. This is Revolut’s number 1 limitation. Every other prepaid card solution has a Web version of their app. Revolut: code your app with Xamarin, and then you’ll have a truly cross-platform solution: “Deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using existing skills, teams, and code”.


How can you do to confirm your ID by taking pictures when your PC doesn’t have an integrated camera ? When I go to this step I can’t take any picture…


No camera, no account


I have a galaxy tab s2, which is Wi-Fi only device. The play store says my device is not compatible with this version.
I’m a bit technical so I started to mess around. I have copied the apk from my phone to the tablet (the official one from play store), entered my phone number so i have received the sms to my phone, entered the confirmation code and everything works seemingly flawlessly.
So basically the app is compatible. With this workaround I was able to run Revolut on my tablet, though I cannot get updates, so I have to copy the apk from my phone every time a new version is delivered to play store. Honestly this is quite annoying.
Is there any good reason for incompatibility?


I have an Alcatel Pop C7 which was bought in 2015. The specs say that it is a 4.5", Android 4.2 and 480x854 pixels.

However, I still get “my device isn’t compatible with this version”

Should I free some memory space? Thank you