My country is not in the list


I’m trying to validate my account and surprise, my country is not in the list. There is a way to complete this process? Can I send the passport, selfie, etc. to a support area for this purpose?
Please help me!!


You’ve omitted info about country :grin: Does it belong to EEA?


Is Venezuela, in the list I can see all the Venezuela neighbor countries like Colombia Panama Costa Rica Chile Argentina etc but not Venezuela


Opening an account is limited to EEA residents.

But EEA residents can use a number from mos countries, that’s why you see neighborhoring countries of Venezuela; even if, they can’t open an account (just to use a local number)

For example I currently use Filipino phone number, but I’m EEA resident/ citizen.


Well, I am not sure where you are actually residing. :wink:
Just kidding.


Understood, I’m Venezuelan moving to Spain, and in the process to obtain local Spain ID, meanwhile to use Revolut I was expecting to use my Venezuelan Passport for the verification process, I have a Spain phone number already


After you obtain the Spanish residency permit you can apply for Revolut :slight_smile:

Or using the Venezuelan passport if you hold a residency visa.


Ok, thanks for de info!!