My card was blocked and nobody is respondind!!!


I don’t really know why, but REVOLUT blocked my card for no reason at all. I am very dissapointed, because i have to travel a lot and Revolut was very helpful. The support do not respond for a week, what can i do now??? Please help me.



Go into the support and type “live agent” or “solved” then “live agent”. Hope this helps.


Did you get past the chatbot? Is your account verified?


Yes, my account is veryfied, now as i started to spam them, they replyed me, but still don’t understand why they blocked a lot of accounts and do not unblock them. I did nothing wrong with revolut


Thank you for your help, Mark!


Hi there. As I can see your account is currently under review and an agent has responded to your in-app messages.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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