My card never arrive! Where is tracking number??


Hi! I just order a new card because my previous one never arrived. But I would like to track it. How can I do it?


Only premium members get tracking info …
Standard users don’t have such an aption :slight_smile:


So why the confirmation email says I’ll receive a tracking number by sms??


Did you order it under a premium account or with express delivery (the latter also comes with tracking AFAIK)?


Hey @Sam87 :slight_smile:

This might be a non-updated template :wink:
If you didn’t pay an extra for the tracking info, didn’t pay for express delivery or are not a premium user, your shipment will most likely not come with tracking info, but will arrive soon anyway :flight_arrival:


I reordered a standard card, payed 5£, because my previous card never arrived! image|281x500


That was standard delivery then and does not come with tracking information.


So, what guarantee I have that my new card will reach my home this time?


Hey @Sam87 :slight_smile:

None and most at the same time. If the previous card didn’t arrive, you should ask for a refund through the in-app support chat and :r: will most probably provide you with one :wink:


How long did you wait for the first card?


By the 7th of march 2018


You mean you ordered it on the 7th?


Exactly. My first card I ordered on the 7th march and should have arrived 21st march the latest. The second card I ordered was on the 21st march.


And you ordered it to a UK address? If so, it would be a bit late by now but maybe the postal service is slow again.

I’d definitely have clarified it with support before ordering a second card. You might get two now :).


But how can I contact support if the revolut app doesn’t provide a real chat?


They do provide a chat. The problem is the response times are quite bad. First level support still works somewhat, second level is unusable. Your problem might have been fixable at the first level.


This is not true.
If you want to speed up delivery and have a tracking code as a standard user…just pay the price for it. :grinning:


So express delivery does come with tracking? I wasnt sure in my previous reply :slight_smile:


Yes, it does. :wink:


It does. But I got the tracking number from DHL in emails and never appeared in the app.