My card isn't working


I’m new to this and went to use my card in ASDA in the UK before I go on holiday tomorrow just so I know it works… but it didn’t… my card just got declined and now I’m a little stressed! I have messaged the in-app service and they told me to wait 20 minuets which is fine but now the conversation won’t load. I have recommended this card to friends and I’m concerned that we can’t get our money off this card that doesn’t work. Have I done something wrong during set up? My ID is verified and there is nothing to tell me to do it when I go into limits and verification. Some advice would be appreciated


I Have a same problem with my card.I tried to use in Hungary but The P.O.S. terminal declined because there was a problem with communicating with the bank.The support chat is only loading but nothing happens @AndreasK


I think Revolut systems must be down. My card isn’t working, app keeps giving a message saying it’s not working, no answer on support line and no response on app support chat. Come on,Revolut,at least post something on your Web site so we know what is going on!


Having the same problem, very disappointed with support, no response for nearly an hour and I’m waiting in bar unable to pay my food bill…

Could at least put up a post letting people know their systems are down, can safely say once I get back to the UK from my trip in Thailand I will never be using this card again…


I see the post on facebook.

We’re experiencing problems, & you may have difficulty using the app & card🔧 We’ll provide an update as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused



Unfortunately, there was an issue with an external cloud provider. To stop this happening again, we are in the process of introducing new providers.

We’re back up and running!

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused