My card is wrongly detected as commercial


I am trying to top-up my revolut account using my debit card. This is a personal gold mastercard debit issued by ING direct (france).

However, when I enter the amount I want to top up (1000 euros), the app indicates there would be a 12.89 euros fees.

I contacted the support with the in-app chat, they told me it is because my card is recognized as a commercial card and they can not fix this. The only thing they offer is that I do the top-up and pay the fee, then I send them a letter from my bank stating that my card is a personal card, and they would reimburse me the fee.

This is not acceptable to me for several reasons. My bank would charge me 12 euros for such an attestation, and I do not want to contact the support each time I need to top up.

Could you explain me why my card is considered as commercial, and what source of information Revolut uses to detect that a debit card is commercial (
What is the procedure to have the database fixed so that my card is recognized as personal?

I am not interested in any workaround such as paying the fee and being reimbursed, or using bank transfers to top up. Instead I want us to figure out the problem together so it can be fixed, for me and for the many other users of my bank in the same situation.

Thank you!

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This has been discussed before (no real solution other than provide statement from your bank and hope that revolut permanently manually changes your card status to personal).

Apparently “gold” is considered “business” card from Revolut’s side. :grimacing:

What source revolut is using for checks is unknown. Might be that they rely on some external partner for that.

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