My card hasn't arrived and the in app support is pants


I’ve got a problem.

I ordered and paid for a card from Revolut on the 6th of April and it hasn’t arrived.

I can only speak to a robot on the in app support and when I request to speak to a live agent nothing happens.

On the phone the only option open to me is to cancel the card. Again, with a robot.

What can I do about this?! I’m now abroad, I need my card and I’m spending loads of money on bank charges using my normal cards at ATMs: something I was hoping to avoid by getting revolut!!!

Help please!!!


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Hi! You should try contacting support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:

Could you please get in touch with us so we can take a look?

Hi Andreas,

How do I get in touch with you? Surely we are in touch now via this email?
If that’s (somehow) not the case is there a number to call?

As I say I have tried the live chat but it’s pretty bad. One time someone
responded, but over an hour after I had given up staring at the screen.



I’m having exactly the same problem. Tried the support, tried the Facebook page. I’m travelling tomorrow and was hoping to get my card by then but so far nothing.

I’m having the same problem too and was then told that chat was closed as it was after ten pm UK time. Told this at 9.14pm UK time

Same thing has happened to me as well, travelling on Monday, and still no card!

Same for me, was due to arrive yesterday and I am leaving on Tuesday… Do you know if the card needs to be signed for on arrival?

When I got my card, I also had to sign upon arrival :slight_smile:

I ordered April 10 - card never arrived… then after 1 month i contacted the chat support after 24 hours waiting they canceled my card… - i got the fees repaid. I ordered again - hopefully this time will work… Revolut what is going on? Looks Im not the only one here

Really sorry to hear that. Could you please send me a direct message with a little more details so that I can help?

I have ordered my first card in february, it never arrived. Contacted support and reordered in march and it still hasn’t arrived and it is the end of may. I am very dissatisfied with Revolut. I am really skeptical about storing money on a revolut account if they can’t even ship a card to me.

@AndreasK i have the same issue. I ordered a card 4th may never received and got charged. I went today so the app said to cancel the card (which i never received) and re order a new cars.
When re orderinf the new card i had some delivery options and i chose the free. Well jokes on me cause i see i got re charged another 6 euro although i pressed the free option.
Whats worse is that live support is neither live nor support as i cant contact anyone. On twitter they asked for the phone connected to my revolut account and then silence for the last 6 hours.
Well i want to have an answer as i dont appreciate being charged for no reason. Also fyi no tracking was provided making it even more suspicious. When my son ordered his card tracking was provided by a german company if i remember correctly. Now suddenly card has not arrived and no tracking provided. Its suspicious isnt it? Cause its funny that there are no issues when revolut double charges you but wheb you try to reach support suddenly tbe system is overloaded.