My card hasn’t arrived yet.

Good afternoon Revolutados,
I created my account, I made the presentation etc. When I went to ask for the card I had to transfer € 20 to be able to ask. I did it and on the 1st of March I ordered the card with an expected date of delivery on March 12th. I waited until today (21) for the card and nothing. I tried to contact the online support and nothing. Then I asked for the second card and I was charged € 2.
For your experience this is a scheme to say it’s free card but in the end we must pay it?
I’m getting a little disappointed.

Best regards,
João Lourenço

Contacting with revolut- did you pass through RITA? (Have you typed live agent?)
You can type resolved then live agent ones again.
If you have ordered second card- it is treated as a spare card and it is not free.
There was a promo- free first card, but it has finished now.
Remember that you can contact them via DM on Twitter, or ask @AndreasK in here.

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Hi Joao. I believe our support team has refunded you the cost. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K

I spoke with the support and AndresK also answered.
I checked with my neighbours and nothing arrived.
Tomorrow I go to the post office to check.
The second card is no longer free but I didn’t even receive the first one :frowning:

Best regards,
João Lourenço

Are you still waiting for a card?

I’ll give you feedback tomorrow :slight_smile:

The card has arrived in good health :slight_smile: If you have any problems, I strongly recommend contacting AndreasK he will certainly help you with whatever bother you.
Thanks again Andreask for the help.
Best regards,
João Lourenço

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