My card doesn't work online

Hi guys,

My card doesn’t work online, I don’t know why !
I checked my card, it is unfreeze and I activated all of options.
I tried to use it in different website but nothing, the payment refused everytime.

Thanks you.

Hey. Did you activate your card by using chip and pin in a store or ATM first?

Hi Henrik,

Yes my card works in ATM or store, no problem in this way.

You wrote you activated the online payment options as well, right? So that should not be the issue?!

I’d contact support at this point. Make sure to type “live agent” to skip the chatbot.

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Yes I activated my online transaction.
I did and the support tell me “It’s not their fault, You have to check with your different website”

@AndreasK, could you have a look?

What website did you try?

Also does the transaction show up in the revolut app as declined? If not, then there is a huge risk of the websites not allowing prepaid cards or cards that do not have 3d secure.

Hi, my problem is resolved !
I changed my address recently so I put the new address, it was wrong, it’s the old address.
Thanks you for your attention guys.