My card did not arrive in time



I purchased my revolut card two weeks ago and did not arrive yet. Curiosly, my flatmate purchased one card a week after and he has his revolut card in his pocket.

I did not have the tracking ID.

I’m travelling in three days to UK.



Maybe lost in post . I would contact support. :slight_smile:
Type in app chat : Live Agent
And tell your issues.
I think only premium account holders get tracking info.


I’m not a premium account.

Are Revolut employees attending this community?

I expected better attention service.



For not having a premium account? :wink:

When exactly did you order it? Your flatmate ordered it to the same address? Does he have a premium account.


Even if he doesn’t, yes. This forum is badly unmonitored. I am still wondering how they decide which posts they answer to and which they don’t.


As you know, I agree. I am just getting tired of the sort of entitlement constantly lingering about more and more.


Hi there. Could you please contact our in-app support team? We can reissue a new card.


I tried it. However, I am not a premium user.

For this trip I could not use Revolut card. I had good references about the company but the expectations were not accomplished. I

I suggest you to improve help services to non-premium users, it would help to convince them to become it. Now I have to wait for 4 hours.

Let’s wait the answer.



It is important to have enough buffer for it to be delivered.