My booking is failed but payment is pending????

I booked trains tickets on website, because the internet was pool ,so the booking was failed ,but my MONEY WAS GONE!!! WHY??? Please give back my money!!

Declined transaction might appear as pending. If this is the case, the funds will be automatically returned to your account within 7 days.

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Not enough details, but it would not seem it was declined but rather the last check-out step failed because the OP lost the connection. If that was the case the merchant should have actually received the money and the merchant should be the point of contact for the OP, not Revolut.

“Pending” does not mean gone. Failed payments automatically revert when the pre-authorization expires. This is not specific for Revolut, this happens the same way with all cards.

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@Amber As a simple explanation, a pending transaction is a payment which has been authorized but is still waiting for the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. The merchant has the 7 days period to either claim or cancel the payment. The funds will be automatically back and available on your account If the merchant cancels the payment or the 7 days have passed and the merchant does not claim the funds.