My bank is block


Hello i start think that Revolut is fake beceaus when i get transfer 2000 euro automatic is my bank block then i speak with 5 support people and still the same.


Hello, :r: needs to follow Anti Money Laundering laws and regulations. Unfortunately, sometimes, it can takes a few working days because of the workload and because :r: support team is not yet correctly sized…

You did identify yourself and it’s a good start but now you need to prove the source of the fund ( bill, salary… ), as requested in your last screenshot. You can attached them in the inapp chat right now, they will review them as soon as possible…


I send the documents 100 times .
I speak with
From support and Adam say to my that when i send the id foto and my face foto hi neee unblock my bank but the when i send ewryting i get this messeng : We have a specific team who deal with these kind of queries. Let me transfer you over to them now and they will look into this for you. Thank you.
Com on when its not fake then im sure that somebody can help my !


The support is talking about payslips but you are talking ybout ID an face photos.

Are you sure you are on the same page ?


I send peyslips ewryting . How mutch time i need to send ??
I weiting 4 days and still nothing


Revolut is Not fake!


Waiting time for compliance team is 96 hours ( ie 4 working days ).

Unfortunately you need to wait…

Please remember than you need to use your own card for top up :

We advise using your own card to top up your Revolut account. If someone else would like to add money to your Revolut account, they can send money to your account instantly via their Revolut app.


I think is fake beceaus my bank is block i weiting 4 day en with this many what i have meyby somebady play in casino sorry but when i send ewryting documents really ewryting en i dont can get answer that its somthing no good with this bank