My ATM does not allow me to change the PIN


Have you tried to use:


Croatian ATMs will let you change your PIN, BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium also lets you do this


Unfortunately, this locator finds ATM which can provide cash, not the one which could change the PIN of a UK issued VISA card. Note that the ATMs (around 5 different banks) I tried here in CH were able to change the PIN of any Swiss VISA card, or of my Revolut MasterCard (I fortunately kept it). The issue seems linked to UK VISA cards in Switzerland (and Germany, Netherlands and others from what I see above)


Absolutely doesn’t work for Italy. Great waste of time…


No more help? No solution? No PIN change possibility from the app as usual???


Really sorry to hear that Enrico. But not all the countries offer this service.


i try change PIN in 4 countries but it was impossible.


Yes it’s a problem. I tried in Netherlands and couldn’t find any that would allow it. Most in U.K. do though.


In Portugal you can’t change the PIN on any ATM. You can change the PIN for Multibanco cards on any ATM, but since all Portuguese cards are Multibanco/Visa or Multibanco/MC they implemented the functionality on the Multibanco side and didn’t bother implementing the functionality for MC/Visa only cards such as Revolut.

It’s not only Visa but also MC and Maestro


Does someone know if it’s possible to change the MC PIN with an ATM in the US or Denmark? In Germany it’s not working, wich is a known problem according to several threads here…


Blockquote Croatian ATMs will let you change your PIN, BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium also lets you do this

I live in Belgium and I’m totally unable to change the PIN, are you sure?


Last year I successfully changed my PIN on the newer BNP Paribas Fortis ATM machine. If you live in Brussels, try the machines at De Brouckere branch.


thanks!! I will try, the indoor machines or the external ones?


I think I changed it at the indoor machine. Because the bank installed new machines inside.


I didn’t go to De Brouckere branch yet but I tried several times in other branches and withdrawal was the only available option.


You need to visit Czech/Poland/UK/… in order to change your PIN via ATM. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I read on the internet that the VISA network does not allow PIN change on ATMs outside the issuing bank’s terminals. However, VISA has announced that from 13th April 2019 they will open up for that.


@oggy12: I contacted Euronet Worldwide. All their ATMs in Denmark can do PIN change on Mastercard. And from 13th April 2019, they can also do PIN change on Visa.

I can confirm that it worked in the 2 ATMs I tried, and the new PIN worked immediately on a chip+PIN transaction in a nearby store.