My ATM does not allow me to change the PIN


Nice, if you live in the UK.

But the rest of clients in the whole Europe. Do we have a solution? Or should I pay a trip to London or to an ATM hidden in Paris, to change the PIN.


You can go to Poland, too :wink:


Poland… i will go in June probably.

Can you confirm that you are able to change the Pin code for the Visa card (not the old masterdcard) in any ATM in Poland???


I don’t know if each ATM gives this possibility, but I haven’t meet any ATM in Poland without this :grin:


So then Revolut, talk with VISA in Spain, Portugal, Hungary, to know why all ATM doesnt offer the possibility to change the PIN. While the Revolut mastercard IN THE SAME ATM could change it.


There might be a third party that needs to be involved: ATM operators. It might have to do with how banks implement software that works with MC’s and VISA’s services. In Germany for example, ATMs often allow to change the PIN for both MC and VISA, but only for cards issued by the bank that operates the ATMs. Maybe it is just cheaper for banks not to offer all services MC and VISA offer?

Change MasterCard PIN in Germany

The thing is that I can change the PIn for any other Visa debit/credit card that I have and are not issued by that bank.

I dont know who is the guilty here, but this is an issue for people that moved to Visa with Revolut. Unfortunately I did and removed the old MasterCard. As it was suggested by Revolut.

Maybe one day I will find an ATM that change the revolut pin code. Who knows. But I can say that I have tried already in more than 30 different ATMS. And I also I can say that in the same ATM, I changed the old MC pin. And in the same ATM I can change the pin for a different VISA made for a different bank.

Thats the thing.


Or to the Czech Republic ;-).


I can’t change my visa pin code in Spain neither :pensive::pensive::pensive:

I Will try it in germany, i Will reply if it works



Pin change is not available in Germany, The Netherlands and Spain.


We can locate easily the ATM, other thing is that this work. And the answer is no


Why other Visa cards, can change the PIN in the SAME ATM. And the Revolut card dont?? Dont you think is something that revolut is envolved?

What kind of deal do you have with Visa???


I can’t change the pin in Germany. The staff keeps saying that it is an ATM problem, that they will refresh my card and they send a list of ATM’s, but nothing works.


That won’t help. I believe the necessary IT infrastructure in Germany is also not implemented “properly” by national ATM operators. Most banks only offer PIN services for their own customers and do not rely on the technical possibilities Mastercard and Visa have implemented in their services.


Any solutions here? Or revolut wont do anything. This is proved that doesnt work


Similar situation as the OP. I got a Revolut VISA supposedly in replacement for a Rev MasterCard. I wasn’t able to find an ATM in Switzerland where I can change the associated PIN.

What are the countries where it is supposed to work? Did someone get any help from Revolut staff on the subject?


Maybe @AndreasK can help. ;o))


Have you tried to use:


Croatian ATMs will let you change your PIN, BNP Paribas Fortis in Belgium also lets you do this