My accout has been locked and i cant access my money!

My account suddenly got locked and i have been waiting to speak to the security team for ages!
I have only been using this service for a week and i doubt I will use it for much longer
I followed the security steps to lock my account and it says all my details and card are invalid!

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Hi there!

As I can see your account has been flagged for security reasons. Could you please provide all the documents needed via in-app chat? I can see you’re in touch with Roman.

I have been trying to but all my documents from the bank are edocs and generate as a pdf and the app wont let me upload a pdf

Hi. My app won’t allow me to get through apparently Revolut is missing some info. I got sent some money on the account but i never used it and i dont know account number to it or anything as I can’t get through the first step of the app!
Sent the message on the chat and was told it will take 48 hrs for someone to get back. Haven’t heard anything in 4 days!
Need to access the money asap! The contact number is not working for customer service.
What is the procedure?

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I have been locked out of my revolut account since the 19th March. I have tried to connect to an agent daily on the app but to no avail. I get an automated message each time saying ’ my account is locked and the you need to check a few things’.

Could someone from your team please contact me back!! I need to access my money at this time more than ever and I have not received any guidance on how long this will take or if you can resolve this issue. Is there a way you can transfer my money out to my linked bank account so i can use it? I really need it!



Hi please could you help me. I cannot get into my account as it says they need more info even though my account has been active for around 4 months now i really need to get into my account.


I have the same problem! I can’t do anything from my app and I don’t know how to give you the necessary documents. I am in contact with Meenakshi but I haven’t any reply. I really need my money, expecially in this period. What shoud I do?

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I’ve got a problem on my revolving account.
When i lauch the application, I enter the code and then I get a blank screen and no action is possible.
Can you please help me ? If you nedd to contact me, please send me an email and don’t give me phone call.

My account has been suspended for 3 months now. I get total silence from Revolut’s support chat. I complained to the Financial Ombudsman Service, from whom I am awaiting a response.

Revolut also suspended my ability to post in this forum, in that my posts are now subject to moderator approval, less than 24 hours after I complained to Revolut.


Hi Andreas, could you please assist me? my account has been temporarily limited and I can’t seem to speak to anyone on chat. Been stuck looking for an agent for long and no response.

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I have a simialr problem but I’ve been waiting in app chat for 3 days

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They did this to me 3 days ago. I’m stuck on “looking for live agent”.


Hi, i can’t log in to my app aswell, saying my phonenumber and passcode is wrong. I need to log in to my account. Could somebody help me, pease? @AndreasK?

Please can you help

I am a customer of Revolut and pay for a premium account and have been with Revolut for 2 years.
Since the beginning of March I have been locked out of my account unable to access my money or see what is going in or out of my account.
For a month I have been receiving the same generic message thanking me for my patience and that the compliance team need to check some details?
I have sent my passport, driving license, photo ID, phone verification, email verification, answered security questions repeatedly for over a month.
I have a family to look after and as it stands am not able to pay my utility bills, my rent, pay for travel, pay for petrol and more importantly food. I have no other access to money and know am in a situation where I have to go to a food bank and rely on the generosity of friends and neighbours to get by in already immensely difficult times.
This situation causing me to become sick through stress worry anxiety embarrassment and hardship through no fault of my own and my family and children to go without, my gas and electricity cut off?
I am at my wits end both mentally and physically drained this is by no way acceptable in any circumstance let alone the current worldwide crisis.
I am reaching out to you before filling a complaint to the financial ombudsman and several other avenues.
I think I have been more than patient and deserve an immediate resolve I am saddened to even be writing this message and feel like I am begging.
Please can you help?


Lee Stafford


I made this post over 2 years ago and I have come back to reply to just you.

I went broke for 2 weeks cause I trusted revoult, I was on a supporting wait list for 3 days with no reason and whenever I finally got in touch with support they were terrible!

AndreasK is excellent however I command her is fantastic as getting these issues resolved but revoult support is what forced me to leave the platform and the random security locks which occurred on my account, be careful when putting your money into these accounts.

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I’ve been in the same shoes for almost a week now. We’ve been eating just biscuits for almost a week. My 4 year old and I dont have money to buy milk for my 3 month old. I’m not sure what to do.i have about 600 pounds in d account and ove sent the founder an email today. Doubt he will reply me. I’m so upset and stressed out. I’m suffering from PND . Revolut has really messed up my life!

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@AndreasK no login to account with current passcodes

I am the same. If they resolve your issue could you reply to this to let me know?

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I have the same issue. I have been locked out of my account since the 19th March. I am getting the generic message in the App as well. I have posted on the community page 3 times but have got no repsonse, @AndreasK?

I hope they can resolve you issue as soon a possible for you it seem like it is causing a lot of stress. I am in a similar position in that my rent is due next week and am worried about paying it without my revolut money.


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Hello, I am from profesional football team, and we opened revolut accounts for our players.
Accountman send money to accounts and they were locked.
About 4 weeks they are sending everyday in help chat selfie and his passport and working visa, but all the time is the same answer :slight_smile:

Dear customer
We can see your account has been temporarly locked. We understand this is causing inconvenienvce and are doing our best to fix this as soon as possible. This is a security review whereby we simply need to check a few things about your account. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a specific time frame, but rest assured that we are doing our best to finish this as quickly as we can.
Thank you for your patience

This is what they get everyday in chat. Already will be one month but nothing changed.

They have not so big amount in account but there is some money what they want to get back, but right now nothing is working.
And there is no option to talk with somebody because all the time is the same answer.
I can send all documents all id and employment contract with club as well but nobody ask this.

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