My account was deactivated without warning

Wow, so in addition to having to get a new ID every time it expires, you also have to get a new ID every time you move? What a hassle. What kind of ID is that? It seems that Revolut is only interested in passports. Those also cost money to renew. I have to go to the police station, and then come back later to pick it up. Thank god I don’t have to do that every time I move too.

As a foreign national, it’s quite similar, but it does show the Canton of residence in the permit. The bank requested it, which I guess it’s normal since I’m not Swiss national.

As for Spain (where I’m native - passport is for travelling but we do have a mandatory ID card to be carried with us at all times), I don’t recall the bank I have been dealing since I can remember asking for any proof of anything, except when I open the account for the first time and a couple of times by phone assistance for security reasons.

I have moved cities (and countries) some 20 times in the last 15 years, the accounts have always been working, when I got any question support was on the phone and most of the stuff can be done via mobile app or web app.

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It’s personal ID that you are obligated by the low to carry non stop with you. Every person older then 16 need to have it. …and nooo, they just update chip in the ID or just print new address in the passport. This process is done in seconds honestly. Embedded address and ID without chip is fazed out.

And even then, a passport is necessary only for travelling outside the EEA and Schengen area. Within the EEA and Schengen area, a national identity card suffices.

Correct, even in Switzerland, where I was working and living as a foreign national, my Spanish ID worked all times for identification purposes.

(I know this is off topic, so apologies for that, but I’m travelling extensively to anywhere in Europe/Schengen and showing my ID just works. I only use the passport for the Americas or African countries.)