My account was deactivated without warning

Wow, so in addition to having to get a new ID every time it expires, you also have to get a new ID every time you move? What a hassle. What kind of ID is that? It seems that Revolut is only interested in passports. Those also cost money to renew. I have to go to the police station, and then come back later to pick it up. Thank god I don’t have to do that every time I move too.

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As a foreign national, it’s quite similar, but it does show the Canton of residence in the permit. The bank requested it, which I guess it’s normal since I’m not Swiss national.

As for Spain (where I’m native - passport is for travelling but we do have a mandatory ID card to be carried with us at all times), I don’t recall the bank I have been dealing since I can remember asking for any proof of anything, except when I open the account for the first time and a couple of times by phone assistance for security reasons.

I have moved cities (and countries) some 20 times in the last 15 years, the accounts have always been working, when I got any question support was on the phone and most of the stuff can be done via mobile app or web app.


It’s personal ID that you are obligated by the low to carry non stop with you. Every person older then 16 need to have it. …and nooo, they just update chip in the ID or just print new address in the passport. This process is done in seconds honestly. Embedded address and ID without chip is fazed out.

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And even then, a passport is necessary only for travelling outside the EEA and Schengen area. Within the EEA and Schengen area, a national identity card suffices.

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Correct, even in Switzerland, where I was working and living as a foreign national, my Spanish ID worked all times for identification purposes.

(I know this is off topic, so apologies for that, but I’m travelling extensively to anywhere in Europe/Schengen and showing my ID just works. I only use the passport for the Americas or African countries.)


@pubck, I see that Revolut have censored your last post, and also my response which quoted you. This was probably because you quoted the name of a support agent with whom you are continuing to correspond.

I will repost the uncontentious part of my post:

Why are you still corresponding with support agents? If you had made a formal complaint when we suggested that you do so, then you would have had a response by now, and Revolut would probably have reactivated your account and given you some money to compensate you for the poor service. You would now be a happy customer instead of continuing to complain.


I’ll try again then, after removing some stuff:

The nightmare continues. I just want to get my money out and be rid of Revolut forever, but they won’t let me.

A few weeks ago when I made this thread, they oh so graciously reactivated my account for a few minutes so I could withdraw my money. But I was also waiting for a refund from Amazon, which I told the agent. She said I would have to come back to the chat when the refund is there, and then they would reactivate it for me to withdraw it. Well, I tried yesterday, and the incompetent agent couldn’t figure out how to do it. (Of course, first I have to explain and argue with him.) He was going to put a manager on the case, which he didn’t. Today I got another one, who didn’t do anything, and then a third one, xxx, who is the most horrible one. He just repeats the same stuff as everybody. If I tell him angrily to just reactivate it so I can get my money, he tells me that I have to “calm down”, or he “won’t be able to help me”. Right. I had to literally copy and paste the message from the last chat where the manager told me I could get my refund. Then he started to cooperate. But (probably out of cruelty) he just left me hanging for hours all of a sudden. They have had all day today to let me get my money out, but they don’t. They are in effect stealing my money. And of course lying and contradicting each other (breaking promises) all the time.


I didn’t have the mental energy to send that complaint back then, or the time. I did do it a few days ago. But frankly, I don’t want my account reactivated (except so that I can get my money out) - I don’t want to continue using Revolut. I can’t continue using a service where the customer support is this bad. What if I need to contact customer support in the future? This is a banking service, that handles my money! You need a support staff with at least some amount of professionalism.


Today I received a response to the complaint I filed on 22 Oct. They say that they are “unable to uphold” my complaint. In their reply they misrepresent several of the events that occurred and fail to address any of the specific untrue or contradictory claims made by support agents. They do acknowledge that the service has not “lived up to their expectations” and apologize for that, but do not specify what that means.

They claim that the reason I was requested to verify my identity again, was because my passport had expired. This was simply not the case, as it was because of the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. That was clear from the email, and it was confirmed by the support agents I talked to before one of them noticed that my passport was expired.

I’m still waiting to get my money from the refund Amazon transferred to Revolut. I contacted them on 22 Oct and today I was told it would take 5 more work days. It turns out that apparently there has been another change and now it’s impossible to even temporarily reactivate an account. I had to talk to 8 different agents before they managed to figure that out. The agents didn’t know about it. Many more hours lost. In the end they decided they had to transfer me the money directly, which I had already suggested on 22 Oct. But of course first they needed bank documents from me, even though I had already transferred to this bank account in the app, and which documents or information they needed also kept changing.

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Ask for a reconsideration of your complaint

Should they fail to uphold it, take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


On 31 Oct I replied to Revolut and pointed out the errors in the response I received that day. Today I got a response to that, saying that the Complaints Analyst acknowledges “the few mistakes” he made. He never addressed any of the lies or the misinformation I had been told by any of the agents – importantly he never denied any of them even when making the case that it was legitimate for Revolut to act as they had. But still he wrote: “The choice to not uphold your complaint stems from what I deem legitimate Revolut’s behaviour towards the customer here.” So the conclusion from this is that wilful dishonesty towards the customer (not to mention incompetence and in some cases malice) is deemed as legitimate behaviour from Revolut.

When you complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service, you need to emphasise that your assertions were “unchallenged” by Revolut. Courts often understand an unchallenged assertion to be agreed by the other party. Although the FOS is not a court, it does follow many legal principles.

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btw is forum completely abandoned by Revolut staff ? I cant remember I seen any staff replies on any topic long time now :grimacing: