My account was blocked !!!

I am asking you to release my money that you are holding illegally and you do not even bother to reply to emails neither live chat!
My account was blocked 4 days ago. I have write in Facebook but no answer at live chat - the same situation…

This is the user forum and posting here may or may not be picked up by support. Suggest contact via Twitter or maybe requesting help from @AndreasK

how do you contact him? I have the same problem too.

Having the same problem. Had to verify some transactions using bank statements, but still no luck unlocking the account. @AndreasK?

Hi @pcp16, your account is fully active!

For the others, I’ve escalated your inquiries and an agent will contact you shortly via chat. Thanks for your patience!

@JessicaZ My account is still blocked. What the hell is going on ?

How long do I have to wait for answer ??!!! My money are blocked since MONDAY !!
I have been waiting for an answer at app chat for 3 days. Still no answer.

My money are blocked since MONDAY !!
How long do I have to wait for HELP ??!!!

@adamz An agent has contacted you via in-app chat. We are getting back to all users as quick as possible, however it will take a few more days for the review.

Are you kidding me right now? My account was blocked 5 days ago and I CAN’T USE MY MONEY!!!
You are holding illegally MY money.
That’s what your agent wrote:

Hi Adam, Kind apologies for the huge delay in response.We will try to proceed as efficiently as we can, yet please allow us some more time for for the review. Thank you for your patience.

Just wondering - how long I will have to wait. MONTH ? A YEAR ? 10 YEARS ?
That’s ridiculous.