My account Verification has been processing for over 12 hours now.

Basically did the normal process of sending a photo of my ID and a photo of my face however my account has been processing now since yesterday whilst my friend who signed up at the same time his account was activated within 10 minutes. If the photo is not clear or something i could re send however i do not have the option as it is stuck in processing.

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Hey Luke, you can try and reach out to their support team from their in app chat, type “live agent” to get a hold of a customer service agent.

If you’re already assuming your photos weren’t well lit, sharp, readable, unaltered and uncrossed and this causes the delay, you can provide them upfront via support chat. That might speed things up.

Hi @luketmv. We’ve responded and respolved your query. If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to reach out to us. :slight_smile:

I have the same probleme but Revolut send me text like if I were able to use my card, however all deposit are in “waiting” statue and because of a lag from the live chat on the app I can’t even get help