my account number and sort number has changed


I noticed it has changed…so I did a small transaction test of £3.00. You’re online help said it won’t go into my new account…how do I get my money back.


You did a bank transfer to test it ?

The only thing that will get your money back is either the :r: support by finding your payment and sending it back, or the transfer bounces and goes back to your account within 10 days.



Sorry, it’s not really clear what the problem is here :wink:. You noticed that your account details changed – in the app, I assume – and then did a test with these new bank details? And then support says it won’t arrive?


Yes…Revolut changed my account number and the sort number and I wasn’t
told this…then I did a transfer to my old account number which was
originally setup with my other bank to test it as I thought this new one
may of been fraudulent as I was never notified


Hi there!

I’m really sorry to hear that!

I can see you have received two mass messages regarding changing account details. The first was sent on 02.02.2017 & the following on 09.02.2017, along with an attached link for more info (

Regarding your transfer, do you have a bank transfer confirmation? As I can see you didn’t want to provide our support team with the confirmation.


Andreas K.