My account is locked out - and has gone CRAZY (AFTER UPDATE)


Please help, I can’t access my account, it doesn’t recognise my pin, and then when I went through the steps to create a new pin it says something has gone wrong.

I get a lot of weird code as well.


Got the same, after I updated the app.


Same here, and how do you get to support???


Same here! Happened after update


Likewise, I can’t even get to the pin stage though. Keeps asking me to enter a phone number before I am told something has gone wrong.


Same problem (screenshot the same in french version)


Same here - and I can’t get help.
Updated the app now stuck on the enter PIN screen, it doesn’t recognise my PIN or phone number and fingerprint won’t work either :frowning:


Hey there @fly_pips, @odp, @sailstudio, @stanees.lee, @ADB, @cazzius and @jlaw :smiley:

There’s a known technical issue going on, more info here:


Having the same problem - keeps wanting me to enter phone number but then says there is an error.


just been on twitter about this. aparently the latest update has Bitcoin rolled into it and the mass influx of users is wreaking havoc on the servers… They say they’ll be back up and running pretty soon…

I’m having the same issue. i managed to get logged in, but i have no transactino history and the app didn’t recognise i was a premium user.


Same here - I have had to delete the app and reinstall it but still every time I try to do something I get that ‘something has gone wrong try later’ error message. It will not accept my phone number, then if it does accept my phone number it won’t accept the pin. Am beginning to regret even opening an account - I am not very trusting of revolut and I go away TOMORROW with no active card or account. NOT IMPRESSED REVOLUT!


I have the same issue now. Finally got logged back in, but now I can’t see any transaction history, and it doesn’t recognise I was a premium user.


Arghhh this is so annoying! It happened again!
I’m locked out and have the same issue AGAIN.

Revolut help me please!