My account is locked + not able to use my card online


Yesterday, I’ve made a transfert on my revolut card and the transfert succeeded this morning.
Now, I’m trying to use my Revolut Card to ordre some flying tickets but I got a error message and now my app says that my account is locked. I don’t understand because I’ve made to verification process and I’ve used my card in a ATM to make sure it was unlocked.

I’m now waiting for an hour and a half for help (from the support chat and Twitter) :disappointed_relieved:

Any idea of what I did wrong?


  1. What was the error message?
  2. From what country to which airline/service?

From your description I’d say you didnt do anything wrong. Which error did you exactly get when you attempted to order the tickets? Maybe something 3D Secure related?

As far as the locked account is concerned, was the amount you transferred somewhat larger? Did you maybe exceed your top-up limit?

Revolut’s support is unfortunately not very quick. So it might still take an hour or two until they get back and even then it will be a bit of a drag :slight_smile: (thats still one of the areas where they need to improve). But you made it past the chatbot (with “live agent”), right?

It says that my card is not authorized online. I tried to take my flying tickets on Aer Lingus.

For my transfert I did a first transfert of 100€ and a second of 1200€. I didn’t any top-up limit in the app alert I sent pictures of my ID and “live photo”.

I did have someone to help me after 4 hours but I was asleep. I hope that I will have someone during the day… The waiting time is really not serious.

Were online transactions maybe blocked within the card security settings in the app?

Your account is now fully active!:tada: