My Account Is Currently Blocked for Security Reasons!!



Following a top up by my bank card (which I’ve done many times already) my account got locked, then I provided the code that is shown on my bank statement but the account remained locked, I tried contacting the in-app chat support with no response for six hours now!! Then a bit ago I tried again and found a message that the account has been blocked for security reasons and that I have to contact support who are not responding at all despite that there should be a 24/7 support for Premium plan clients. I’m totally disappointed and frustrated with such an incident as I really liked the idea of carrying out all my banking functions and more on an app but apparently this would prove unreliable. I was testing the app and by time was intending to make it my main operational account for all the day-to-day transactions but sadly after what happened today I would put a big question mark on Revolut’s reliability as being my main bank account which if I rely on might not be accessible when I need it, neither would there be anyone from customer service to speak to and sort me out the way it goes with my traditional bank!!

Could someone look into my case ASAP treating this as the last chance to make it up for me before I turn my back on Revolut for good?


I’m in the same situation. Please hire more support agents!!!


Likewise, I’m having exactly the same issue. Seriously you would expect better from a company that has raised nearly 100m in VC…

Also what is the logic, in locking an account, asking an individual to verify the transactions by inputting a code from their actual bank accounts and then still leaving the account locked?!


This is so frustrating to be honest! There is no point in marketing for opening an account in few seconds and then get it blocked every time you carry out a transaction on it!! Revolut should rather conduct a proper KYC/Due Diligence process once and for all at the account opening stage like what traditional banks do, than blocking the customers’ account every time they feel suspicious about a transaction and start asking for verification and so forth!!


Hi @Hwedi, I can see your account fully active! If you have a pending transfer probably you’ve exceeded your annual top up limits.

To increase your annual top up limits, you’ll need to provide official documents showing the transaction(s) that generated the funds used to top up your Revolut account. In addition, please also provide a copy of a bank statement showing the funds entering/leaving a personal bank account in your name. This does not affect your daily top up limits, as these are system generated.


Hi Andreas,

Yes my account finally got unblocked after 24 hours waiting time!! I actually don’t have a pending transfer, I did make one but it is supposed to have been executed pursuant to a notification that I’ve received by email and its “completed” status on the app. Further more I still haven’t exceeded my annual top up limit either, also as shown on the app, unless the app is not showing accurate information.

I would be happy to verify my source of funds and indeed would proceed promptly with this hoping that once this is done once and for all you won’t block my account again.