My account is blocked.


I have a new Visa card

I tried to change my Visa card associated with Revolut with my new Visa ca
rd, and Revolut was blocked

What can I do?

Sorry for my English, I’m Spanish


Do you have a online statment of youre visa card sometime banks refuse a card as of there fraud monitoring. What is the message on youre blocked account?


Revolut account was blocked when I tried change my Visa number, beacuse my
bank changed my Visa type and canceled the previous one associated with


What type of visa is the old type and whats the new one


When I tried to associate my new Visa to Revolut, my Revolut was blocked. I
don´t understand it !!


lo que exactamente está bloqueado se ve la tarjeta de débito revolut ?

o la cuenta entera?


The old one was Visa Debito …3662 (end) and the new one is Debit
Contac …1750 (end)


lo Passier al tiempo que añade el mapa en revolut ?

nueva tarjeta de débito sin contacto (NFC) ?

las transacciones en línea se ven?


After I type my password, a message appears saying: “Your account is
currently blocked for security reasons” and I can only enter in Chat
Support where I’m chatting with Monica (Monica works in revolut, I suposse)


Old Visa was associated with a bank account and New Visa is associted with
another bank account


verificación de la cuenta hace?

un momento por favor


I don’t understand well
Please, I think is better you write me in English


I don’t see nothing because my Revolut is blocked


Please, write me in English


Do you Know Monica?

Monica is trying to solve it in the samartphone chat

I don’t understand that there are two people with my problem


In addition I am looking very slow the resolution of it .

Excuse me, but I begin to lose patience


Ask in chat is the only way to unlock was chat with them
You need some verfication chat with them again


OK. Thanks .
I´m waiting your request


Im not from Revolut you need to chat open in the app