My account is blocked. No action from support! Edit: my account has been unlocked now. Thanks for your help.


My account is blocked. Gerard from support team said someone will help unblocking it but I haven’t heard for 15 hours from them after that ! Can someone help me unblock it ? @AndreasK ?


I’m the same @AndreasK it’s been two days now I’m completely locked out and have had no contact from support. Not acceptable


Me too @AndreasK, I’ve been blocked now for more than a day and have tried the support, email twitter and there is no response an anything, what an absolute ridiculous customer service. Someone please resolve this now!


happened to me too. i signed up to Premium which is supposed to be 24/7 support but took 5 hours for them to respond to me.

my account was blocked because I received money from an external source. This is money that I requested be sent from that external source to my revolut account. A reputable, huge company.
Despite this, they locked my account. I needed to send them proof from this company that they were sending me money. That to me in itself is a security/privacy problem for me.

I will be receiving money regularly from this company, but revolut cant seem to guarantee that my account wont be locked again. A total shambles. Cancelling Premium as a result.

I was a huge advocate of Revolut, but now I’ll be telling anyone who listens to stay away!


What nonsense, will be withdrawing from Revolut as the customer service is just ridiculous. I’m all with having controls in place but you can’t expect people to wait weeks for you guys to respond to legitimate transactions. What a joke


As I can see a member of our compliance team has helped you to unlock your account.


@as8g10 & @Dilwar I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.