My account is blocked and my payment has been rejected - Why?


Today I need to pay for my order from amazon and payments from revolut card has been rejected. When I go to my account to check what happened then revolut started verifying my cards linked with my account. During verifyication process my account has been blocked and I don’t have access to my account and my money and I need to pay for my order today :frowning: I don’t know why my account has been locked I see only “Your account is currently blocked for security reason” and “We are looking into your account now and will get back to you shortly”. Now I am waiting for chat with consultant. What do I need to do to restore access to my account?


Can you write when I can expect to contact a consultant? I can not sit still and wait in front of phone until someone writes to me.


Hi joshep,

I went through hell with Revolut. I started my nightmare by being blocked on May 5th and today June 23rd, I am still struggling to get my money back.
They blocked me for so-called ‘Security Reasons’. What security ? Whose security ? Nobody knows.
I asked them why they blocked me. Guess what they answered ? We cannot tell you for 'Security Reasons. They asked me all kind of stupid questions (most of which they knew the answers) and then Dominika unblocked my account on May 19th with apologies.

2 hours later… BINGO ! My account is blocked again.

And the stupid process goes on again for days : first the robot Rita, then finally another guy, Josep, tells me that according to section 9.1 of their T&C my account was closed indefinitely. So I asked which one of the numerous rules stated in section 9.1 did I break. Guess what ? Yes… exactly… the answer was : we cannot answer your question for ‘Security Reasons’.
Then they told me that the remaining funds will be sent back to the bank accounts they where loaded from. I asked for a statement of my account in order to be able to follow the funds. NO WAY, for ‘Security Reasons’, they don’t provide it… And the joke goes on !

In reality they sent back my money to the friends that sent it to me. You want to check if they did it ? Guess what… my friends accounts are also blocked… and it takes another 5 weeks to get their account unblocked and their funds are sent back to the bank accounts they where loaded from. As my friend got their funds from other friends whose accounts are also blocked… etc… YOU GET THE PICTURE !!!

Add to this that some of the friends are not technology oriented or don’t speak any English… Add to that Revolut staff do not speak their language… you are entering a KAFKA world that Revolut is creating for ‘Security Reasons’.

Do not forget that by not answering your questions for ‘Security Reasons’, by asking irrelevant questions, by answering every other day when it is not weeks, by blocking accounts… THEY KEEP YOUR MONEY IN THEIR SYSTEM. Intentionally ? or because they don’t think forward about the kind of mess they create for their clients ?
I don’t know… If it is intentionally , it’s a clever scam, if it is not… then they should change their policy… I write all this for ‘Security Reason’ of course…

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I spent a hour with revolut agent and after all verifications she told me that my account is ulocked in a few minutes but it was still locked.
After waiting half an hour I again wrote to support that the account is still blocked and I spoke with the same girl, she apologized for inconvenience and wrote that it will be unlocked in a moment. I received a message from the application that the account is already active but is still locked and I can not access my account :frowning:
I’m sorry for what happened to you and I hope that at this moment in my life this is not the beginning of the same problem. I do not understand why it’s so weird and it can actually cause very bad associations.


Second day with trying to access to my account and my money and my case has been escalete to relevant department - Why? Live assistant does not speak to me anymore - Why?.

I urgently need help in this matter. If you can not enable my account then please immediately withdraw my funds to the accounts from which my revolut account has been top up.
At the moment it seems that revolut simply can not be used and I need my money.


Success :), I was able to get into account and even made a payment for my previous purchases too :slight_smile: Ms. Karolina from revolut facebook support re-reviewed my case and account has been unlocked within 5 min. I already thought that it would be hard because on application chat I sent a lot of documents confirming my identity and that money
belongs to me and come from my accounts but it was not enough. Thanks to God, Ms. Karolina has managed to solve this problem and I can again enjoy with my revolut account. I will send email to revolut with my thoughts what should be corrected / changed with this process to reduce unnecessary stress for ordinary people like me.


I know at least nine other people having similar problems… Revolut is a good idea poorly managed. The problems will come back ! No one can remove spots from a leopard !


My problems came after amazon tried to charge my revolut card. Unfortunately, when I entered revolut card on amazon system my billing address was retrieved from parcel delivery address and this was different from address one I applied for registration in revolut. Amazon’s payment was declined and my card and revolut account has been blocked. That was when my problems started and I had to explain that I just used a few addresses that I use alternately, I never had such problems with my banking credit or debit cards. Now I know that and I need to use revolut card very carefully for payment from new sources. I’m going to test it only when I have minimal funds in revolut account, so as not to block any bigger funds if revolut account would be locked again.


Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Account security is our top priority and we aim to take appropriate measures to ensure the each users information and funds are safe. We always appreciate your patience with us. I am sorry to hear of any delay with this, and understand your concerns.

Under no circumstances do we keep our users funds from them, but we ask for your cooperation with our team to get everything functioning properly and communicated clearly. These are regular and routine procedures and we only mean to keep your account secure.


Please… can take a look to my problem. Thanks in advance.



I thank you for your security concerns.
I’ve my account locked. Can you help me solve this? It doesn’t recognize my debit card so it can unlock automatically.

Thank you.