My account has been hacked - SOLVED


Hello @AndreasK

My card has been hacked and took all my money out of my account. Your chat support is not replying me at all. Can you please take this seriosuly?


Block your card,and contact customer support ,by typing:Live Agent.


I typed live agent few times but no one is answering. Can you please check this seriously?


Not working for Revolut ,so can give advice only .
If typing Live agent don’t help,then try type Resolved and then Live agent again.
Kind Regards :wink:


What you mean as endless ? :slight_smile:


Did you check the link?


Typing resolved fixed the issue. Now i can get reply from agent.

RESOLVED is very good


Thanks a lot for your suggestions. That worked. Now I can see Live agent.


Trying All the best :wink:


I contact Revolut and seems they not helping me.

They saying all these transcations are in Pending status and hasn’t completed yet. They asking me to wait 7-10 days and once they will get completed then they will give me chargeback form then they will follow-up.

Its very strange why they let these prnding transactions to be completed. They should block these transactions straight away and also report to the police. They saying they cant cancel them and can’t report to the Police. Its a fraud and they should report to police and cancel these transaction.

They giving frad people to run away by giving them 7-10 days.

Any suggestions whatelse I can do?


Thats normal procedure,now you can just wait :slight_smile:


Revolut is letting this fraud happen. If they want they can contact Mastercard and stop those pending transactions as those transactions haven’t completed yet.


Hey VJ1982

Revolut are asking you to wait because the funds have not been collected yet. They are reserved. In order to do the chargeback the funds have to have left your account. Or that is my best bet. I am sorry this have happend to you.


Thanks for your reply. Lets see if I will get my money back or not.