My account has been blocked Not happy :-/


I corrected the address on my account because I moved to another street! Locked account I have for a week! Support does not reply! Money on a card I can not use!


Hello @damian354,

I’m really sorry to announce, that following a review of your account, in accordance with section 9.1 of our Terms and Conditions, we are unable to continue to offer you services provided by Revolut and your account has been suspended indefinitely. Any remaining funds will be returned to the bank account they were loaded from.


Andreas K.



I currently have a problem with my account,
it is locked for security reasons while I’m about to go to London on Thursday.
The support no longer answers me, that’s annoying…
Can you help me?
I have some money on my card and I need it quite soon.

Thank you.
I’m waiting for an answer from you as soon as possible!


I changed the address and set up an account because I did my number was
deactivated and I did not affect it! And you did not inform me and you did
not give me all my money from my account!


I have sent you a direct message.