MY ACCOUNT had been Suspended For No Reason


I have been using my account as normal , receiving money, spending money , sending money. for about 2 months was full verified and premium

I have complained to customer services twice because there slow rate at processing transactions 4hrs plus for a transfer even up to more then 26hrs. (I think this is why they have suspended my account ) My last complaint to support then they suddenly block me for no reason (Terms 19.1) which doesn’t state anything. I have not broke any rules or done anything wrong.

I want to know where is my money that was left in my account £222 , Where is the £50 that i transferred out of my account but never got executed & where is the £65 that was transferred into my account.

Total of £337 unaccounted for which belongs to me

Where is my money ?

I will be posting my dreadful experience with your company on my twitter, blog and facebook with over 456k following and contacting my legal team if i do not get a timely response and my money back

Thank you


Hey Dwayne

I can’t tell you why your account have been suspended. But section 19. 1 in the Terms is “RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE OF THE REVOLUT SERVICES” you can find it here:

There is no reason to threaten the company with negative social media exposure. I am sure that you will work it out with support. If you can’t use the Chat function anymore you can try and write to them on Twitter or Facebook. But read the terms and be sure you haven’t done anything wrong.


I have access to the chat feature , but no one is responding. This is unprofessional.
My position of my money gone missing or i do not have access to it needs to be resolved .

It definitely will not be great for your company if i send them a tweet from my account about this issue as my following will not be happy . so here is the best or respond on the chat


and yes i have read the terms and condition & i have not done anything wrong at all unless you can tell me otherwise which i am certain you can’y


I can’t. I don’t work for Revolut so i have no insight in your usage. You can reset the chat by typing “resolved” and then “live agent” again.


ok sorry thought you did , thanks but this does not work


Hi there.

Following a review of your account, in accordance with section 19.1 of our Terms and Conditions, we are unable to continue to offer you services provided by Revolut and your account has been suspended indefinitely.

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