My account got canceled, because I pointed out a hidden fee


I tried canceling my Premium plan today via in-app support. When support told me I need to pay 16 EUR for cancelation, I pointed out that I am within the 14 day period, when no fee is supposed to be charged.

I was told that since this is the second time I am canceling Premium, that does not apply. This is not written on the link the agent sent me When I pointed this out, the next reply blew my mind - your account got canceled!!!

So in effect, I point out a fee that should not be there and Revolut closes my account rather than explaining anything? Seriously??

I’ve been with Revolut from when you guys were a tiny startup and used it almost daily, as my main spending account.

@AndreasK any input on this? Still can’t believe your company would do something like this. Needless to say the in-app support is no longer responding.


Was this the second time you have signed up for premium then cancelled?


Yes, from what I understand. And the 14 day period would not apply in that case - to my understanding.

The cancellation is a bit surprising, but then a customer who signs up, cancels, signs up, cancels, and so on might not be on the have-to-have list :sunglasses:


Yes, this was the second time. I only needed premium features few times, so figured I would just use the monthly plan and not have it on full year.

I understand now this might not be the usage Revolut envisaged for their monthly plans - but is it really grounds to immediately terminate the account after many years? Without even bothering to say something like “please either pay full year of premium or stay on standard” ? I mean they can just say it, I’m guessing it takes less time than canceling the account! I relied on the account and card…

I can’t even count how many people I’ve recommended Revolut to over the years. No more.


Well, I am surprised too that they closed it straight away but I guess they prefer that over having a customer who creates unnecessary additional work by attempting to “trick” the system.


It’s like signing up for Amazon Prime Trial every month, it’s not something that should be possible.


Fully agree, though I would have assumed they would simply point out that the 14 day period only applies to first orders and that he cant cancel, period. Though my assumption is they prefer to let a customer go than to have to handle with such “requests”. And who can blame them.


Agree with you guys. Though you both are assuming that this was the reason for cancelation - Revolut still hasn’t told me the official reason, they just canceled the account when I protested the “second cancelation” fee I coudn’t find anywhere - and then stopped communicating.
Like when you see a weird unknown fee on your bank statement - you would also want to see it on a pricelist or something right?
To show you how easy it is to loose your account, I’ve screenshoted the whole support conversation:


Seems childish. You were purposefully abusing the concept, but I do agree it’s missing in the contract and clauses are not to be “guessed”. They have to be written. And this one doesn’t seem to be.


Interesting reading. Personally I think you were taking the mick- nevertheless cancelling your account does seem a bit peevish.


Online shops don’t terminate your customer account for returning second pair of the same shoes. Clearly you were milking the system and you should not be able to reapply for second premium after cancelation for a year or two. I believe as you were allowed to rejoin, so your cooling period should be granted as well.


Well, the cancellation fee is written. The cooling-off period is not specifically restricted to first-time orders, but as it is likely to be a regulatory thing it probably does not need separate mentioning.


I honestly didn’t realise there was anything wrong with it, until pointed out in this thread as something that possibly led to the cancelation. Thought that was the whole point of a monthly plan = I don’t need it for the full year.
But as you say - all it would take is if I didn’t have to guess this. Or if support explained this instead of just abruptly canceling my main spending account. Just wanted to see the fee written somewhere before paying it…


The fee is specifically stated.


Would love this as a support reply instead of “Your account is cancelled”


Well, to be fair they did point out these terms in your chat. They referred to the cancellation fee and that the 14 days only apply to the first cancellation.


By the way, Big Money doesn’t care how long their clients have banked with them. The only criteria is how much monetary value you bring to the table. The moment you become a liability, you are on your own. It is always good to remeber that when conducting business with banks.


Though if he has been a long time customer and used it as main spending account there should be enough monetary incentive to keep him. My honest guess is they dont want to handle these types of freeloader requests. And, as I said ealier, I wouldnt blame them.


Neither would I. But flipping the switch off instead of communicating with the customer is discouraging. When I mess up, I would like to be treated like an adult, not a toddler.


Yes. I agree. I’m a tad concerned about Revolut’s lowish tolerance for argumentative customers.

I feel that Sloupus45 was trying it on, but this did not warrant the nuclear option of terminating his account.