My account got blocked and the support doesn't work


I have made account, passed all the verifications, topped my account and when I started to transfer 400 EUR to Coinbase my account got blocked.
It asked me for the verification code on my bank statement, I entered it for the both of my cards and got accepted.
Unfortunately my account continues to be blocked and the only thing to do is to write to the customer support, but it is bugged and it doesn’t work.
Yesterday, I wrote to the customer support if I can get bigger limit for the top up because 200 EUR per card is laughable small when I need to use it with coinbase. Aleksandra told me that will transfer me to somebody else but I think it got bugged and never happened… It remains bugged …

I don’t get how can you just block people’s accounts like that when your customer support is such a mess…
I hope somebody at least here swiftly will be able to remedy it, because it is Friday and tomorrow is weekend and my transaction to Coinbase is still not made…


I have just had the exact same situation as yourself happen to me.
Made a transfer to Coinbase and I had to verify my cards with the 4 digits on my bank statement and then all of a sudden my account got blocked.
I’ve had no reply from support either.
Awful service


FYI, this limit is usually 1000 EUR, but can be lower (as it seems to be in your case).
Once you top-up a few times, your limit will increase.

From the FAQ:

Daily limits

For newly added cards, most of our users will have a top-up limit between £1000-£3000 (or currency equivalent) per 24 hours. Some users may find they have a lower daily limit to begin with, however, your daily top-up limits will increase over time. We suggest:

Try and top-up your desired amount. If the amount is over your top-up allowance, you will receive a pop up message notifying you of the daily limit for that card and how much you can top-up today. If you wish to top-up more than your daily limit, you can use another debit or credit card, alternatively top-up via bank transfer. Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot provide the specific details around how your top-up limits are calculated.


Hi there. I’ve replied to your direct message on Twitter!

I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.