My account blocked after changing Number


I have changed my personnal details : phone number and adress. I moved from France to Luxembourg.
Mobile is the same, email adress is the same.
Surprisingly, I have been asked to do the checks again : ID + pic, what I did.
Now my account is blocked.

2 problems : my account is blocked and of course i do not have my money anymore. Tried to have a online help since more than 2 days but do not receive any answer.

What should I do? Delete the app and reinstall it with the initial settings (my previous phone number and address?). Wait 4 months until someone answer?
My experience with Revolut was just perfect until now (tranferred 5.000 GBP, converted in PLN etc…), I was thinking to go to premium then…

Thanks a lot in advance for your help



The address verification is an automated process. Maybe your photos of your ID were too blurry or certain details not readable. I would provide clear, sharp and well lit photos of the documents via support chat and ask them to verify your new address manually.

(You are able to log-in with your new number, right? Sure, it’s blocked, but it does not look like you’re opening a new account with a new phone number?)