My acc its blocked 4 weeks !


My account has been blocked. Contact support! Probably turn people’s money! I can not get anything first by writing a date. Now they have blocked the possibility of writing fb to them and commenting on the situation! The case is filed and everything will be available on the internet!


All documents have been released long ago. They had too much time so the bank confessed and made a chargeback. I do not recommend this site!


Hey @damian2222 :wink:

Did you try to escalate the issue? :confused:
This is the first time I hear of someone being blocked by :r:. I would still try with Twitter and, if not, I would thoroughly read :r:'s complaint policy to see what your options are:


Hi @damian2222,

I’m extremely sorry to hear that. As I can see your account is under review.

A member of our compliance team will get back to you once they have an update. We truly apologise for any trouble caused, however, there’re certain protocols that must be follow, to ensure the safety and security of all users’ account as well as our system.


Andreas K.


But the term was fixed and you have it somewhere. He asked me not to have all the papers I sent you. So your assurances can be heard and nothing comes of it. You have blocked the ability to write on fb only that your negative feedback is deleted


It took more than half a year! And your member will not contact me! Well done! This is already called appropriation. Although all evidence has been sent. I bought from your card I often change my residence. You owe me a lot of money. I will not mention my health anymore. If you want to continue this way. At this point it comes out that you just stole it from me


If I do not receive my full amount which is on your account and supposedly mine. I am forced to write an article in the newspaper and report the matter. Regards


Following a review of your account, in accordance with section 19.1 of our Terms and Conditions, we are unable to continue to offer you services provided by Revolut and your account has been suspended indefinitely!