Multiple issues at MTA NY... 146$ lost!!!


Multiple issues at MTA NY… $146 lost !!!

During our last trip to NY, I tried to buy few Metrocard for my family. I tried four times and it failed twice. When I wa looking for an answer, I read that I had to dial ‘00000’ or ‘99999’ when the zip code was required. So one week later, I tried again to charge my metrocard and it failed again and again.

During more than 10 days, the four failed transactions were pending in my account (2 x $33 + 2 x $40 = $146). I heard that it is normal and that my money will be automatically returned in few days.

Unfortunately, the day before yesterday I have seen in my account that the four failed transactions have been finally accepted and paid to MTA.

How could I get my money back??? It is an important amount of money. Thank you for your help and your support.


Hello @Matthieu :slight_smile:

Oh no, that’s bad! This is not the normal behaviour. Have you got in touch with the :r: in-app support chat?

Also, some users reported that using their real CP might work. You might want to try next time with smaller amount tickets :slight_smile:


Hi @Matthieu - We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused. This is a common issue with the NYC MTA vending machines, but your balance will be reverted to your Revolut account within the next few hours. You will not see a transaction for the refund, but your balance will be automatically updated. Please check your account in a few hours and let us know if there are any other issues.


Thank you @Rob_B! My money has been refunded on my account. Really happy, because, except this issue, I find my Revolut card great.