Multiple GBP accounts each with separate cards on the same app.

I love the Revolut card and use it as my main ‘credit’ card - almost every day (for example lunches). I like it because it helps me budget my weekly spend and also using the app review each of the transactions. I have a weekly topup from another bank so i limit what money I have to spend each week.

Now I have another regular weekly medical expense that I want to keep track of and budget for separately. It would be perfect if I had a second Revolut card, linked to a second GBP account, that I could use only to pay for this other expense. The Revolut app would then keep track of these transactions separately. More importantly I could arrange for a second bank topup of a separate amount.

This would allow to keep my two expenses (regular daily usage and expected medical cost per month) separate and budget for and track each of them independently. Since the Revolut app / account already allows users to hold multiple accounts for different currencies (each with different account numbers and IBAN numbers) it should not be a great stretch to have more than one GBP account linked to the same Revolut account.

So to summarise I suggest:

  • Multiple GBP accounts linked to one Revolut app
  • Each GBP account can be linked to a different card
  • Separate transaction logging
  • Each GBP account to have different account numbers / IBAN so they can be loaded separately.

Would anyone else find this useful ? Please vote to support this.


Having different currency ‘pots’ would definitely be an interesting feature.


I would also love this as I use Revolut every day, but want a separate account for my houses internet, rent, water, power, etc. Living with others is great, but managing the money isn’t ideal when it comes into your ‘everyday account’.

Bunq in the Netherlands lets you add 10 different accounts with different account numbers with the touch of a button. Very easy and good for managing money that isn’t your ‘everyday account’.

Seriously now one else would find this useful ? This to me seems like a valuable addition to an otherwise fantastic service !

Like this idea to make this happen !

Yes, please, this would be a really important add up!

Can’t something similar be achieved using Vaults? You can put money in to a Vault, and when you spend money (which will be deducted from your main balance) you just move money from your Vault to cover the purchase. You can add notes to most Vault transactions to help remind you of why you did something.

If you really need a separate card you can order one in-app for a fee. Charges will still be made directly to your main balance however, so you may still want to use a Vault to budget your money for particular things.

I think it would be very difficult to implement an easy-to-understand way to link your card to a specific pot of money. For many, it’s confusing enough understanding how various currency pots are charged. If you were to have more than one currency pot in the same currency it’ll add a massive element of complication!

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