Multiple Fraudulent transactions


Hi, I see multiple Fraudulent transactions today. The first one started with 150 euros and i didn’t had enough balance for that to go. I’ve got a notification and before i can freeze the card, i see there are two transactions done on Dominos pizza. Later after freezing the card, there are multiple transactions attempted but didn’t go through a i’ve freeze the card.

What’s the process to get the money back from these fraudulent transactions? Can Revolut help to raise the the chargebacks at all?


Hi there.

Really sorry to hear you’ve been going through that.

Please block the card from the card section of the app and get in touch with our support team. We’ll investigate this for you and we’ll try to raise a chargeback to recoup the difference.


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas, I’ve frozen the card for now, is that the same as blocking?

Also, i’m trying to reach the support from in app and i don’t see any one replying back.


Great. A member of the support team will get back to you shortly.


I have faced the exact same issue. A fraudulent transaction was attempted - a 66.99 payment to Cruise Clothing Ltd. This was declined (as I had less than this on my card) and I took all my money out of the account immediately. After this 5 payments were attempted to Dominos Pizza - starting at 45.95 and lastly for 24.98.


Hi Att, I had a chat with support and then submitted a chargeback claim form. It took couple of weeks and i’ve received my money back. It’s good that Revolut handles this gracefully. Though i’m still left to surprise how my card details got leaked in the first place. I don’t use revolut card for any ecom transactions.


Block your card and contact our in-app support team please :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies. I did block the card - unfortunately another fraudulent transaction took place for £126.99 to Cruise Clothing Ltd 3 days after the last case.

Luckily the card is still blocked.