Multiple currencies (not top-up)


What I think would be nice, if there was a possibility to convert money to all supported currencies to avoid weekend conversion rates.

For example, if I am going on a trip to Poland. I can easily top-up the money in EUR, and as I use Revolut, all purchases in PLN get converted to EUR the same day. The problem is, during weekend, there is a 0.5-1.5% fee due to protect Revolut from instability of the currencies.

So it would be nice, if we could just exchange EUR to another currency before the trip (top-up can stay in EUR), just so we don’t need to worry about weekend conversion rate.


you can do that.
go to exchange, and convert from pounds to € and then while balance is enough, your payments will come out of that wallet.
i do this all the time.
did it in italy a few weeks, and will be doing it again this friday when going to Portugal (do keep in mind £ seems to be gaining value against €, so it’s not interesting to keep € balance during the week)


Well yes, but the only 3 currencies available are the top-up ones (EUR, USD, GBP).

My idea is that you would be able to convert money to any of the supported currencies, and use it for spending, even though you can’t top up in that currency.