Multiple Contacts with same phone number

When I send money to certain Revolut contacts I see the name and the phone number repeated 2 or 4 times on the list of the contacts but only one is really working, if I try with the others duplicates the app brings me to the page to send money to a non-revolut account. Anyone else got the same bug?

Nexus 5 - Android 6.0.1

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I’ve seen the duplicates, but never tried sending them money

Yeah, I’ve seen some duplicates in that list too on iOS.

I am having the same problem. Also when I add a contact manually there is no way to delete it on iOS. A simple delete option would also solve duplicates I think.

I have similar issue, when I send money to particular Revolut contact, apps shows me 2 identical numbers of this Contact, however in Phone Book saved only one number.

Nexus 5 - 6.0.1

Reinstalling application solved contacts problem

The whole contacts management piece needs work. It’s too easy to select the wrong contact, there are duplicates and no confirmation dialogue. Also . I don’t understand why Transfers and Send Money are completely separate experiences as it’s quite possible to have the same recipient for both but it’s unintuitive having to go down different routes