Multiple chats in parallel with support


Sometimes you have two pre more issues you need to talk with the support about. But apparently you can only have one chat open at the same time.

That makes it hard to keep track of the discussion and even harder for the support to find an agreement on closing the chat.

E.g. I had some general questions about the reward program. But I also had a specific issue with an transaction unrelated to the reward program. The second thing came up after I already talked to support about the first item.

CU AssetBurned :wink:


I totally agree. I have 1 long ongoing case. It would be nice and clean for both sides: customers and support if we don’t have to mix different casses under 1 thread

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Holy snap… I have now four topics in one chat. All independent issues …. And I always get the same response (related to the first issue) that the issue is escalated…. I know that!

But it would have been great to know if a transaction went thru in time or not (2 transaction shown where there should be just one)…. And I would like to know if a cashback option is still available or not.

Why the frack can’t I even close a chat?