Multiple card numbers and amounts


I would like to have multiple cards, with different amounts on them.

I’m happy to poke my card number into some untrustworthy website when I want to buy something for €60, because I never keep much more than that on the card. But because I use my Revolut card on any old website in the interwebz, I never trust that my card number has not been accessed maliciously.

For this reason, I never use my Revolut card for large transactions. But if I could have two cards (one could even just be virtual, I don’t need a physical card for it), then I could have one with a very large limit for paying for larger things, but which I only gave to very specific services.

I actually use a card from my bank, instead of Revolut, for large transactions, due to this problem.

It would also allow us to transfer large amounts of cash to Revolut and simply transfer the minimum across to our primary card whenever we needed it.

2 cards: a virtual-only card & a physical card
Generation of e--card (virtual card)

I’m for it.

I purpose an implementation (can be a paid option or not) like a french’s initiative (I guess) called “e-carte bleue” (paid service issued by bank) or the USA’s free service which generate a one time card or a one merchant card for a defined amount and validity? :slight_smile:

2 cards: a virtual-only card & a physical card
Generation of e--card (virtual card)

That’s an excellent idea!

Perhaps when you top up, you could choose to have it put into storage. Then when you need it, you can simply transfer it to whichever card (primary or one-time-use) that suits. This keeps your money available for spending at any time, whilst also providing a significantly improved security situation.


I think both of these features make sense for paid upgrades. Perhaps charge a transaction fee for putting money into storage, and charge a fee for each one time use virtual card.


Yes that’s an idea! In all cases, I think when Revolut will get his MasterCard Principle Issuing License all will be easier to do/implement. So, we’ll maybe talk later about that. :slight_smile:


That says “Unique IBAN’s”.

Wouldn’t that basically make Revolut a bank?


I’m not as qualified in the sector of banking to state on that but I think kind of?
(In fact, I don’t know if UK regulations allow companies to deliver IBAN without a bank status/certification so yes…)


It’d be nice to have a direct competitor to Number 26. I frequently recommend Revolut to others, which normally starts the debate of Number 26 vs Revolut. Revolut wins on everything, apart from the “being a bank” bit.


Same here :laughing:

It’s coming, it’s the ultimate goal of a such company :wink: